Easter Camp T&Cs

Terms & Conditions

Please note: The online registration form for EC24 has additional questions designed to assist us in the event of an emergency, as well as ensure that attendees understand the camp rules and the consequences for departing from the rules. If any attendees are under 18, the form must also be completed by a parent/guardian.

1.0 Refund Policy

Full payment is required to secure your registration. In the event of EC24 being cancelled, all payments would be refunded.

If you cancel;

  • on or before 29 February 2024: 100% refund (less transaction costs of $4)
  • on or before 12 March 2024: 50% refund
  • on or after 13 March 2024: no refund as we need to confirm & pay venue for your spot.

If full payment is providing a challenge for your family, please reach out to money@scyp.net  to find out about our payment plans. All payment plans will remain confidential within the SCYP Committee. Please note, payments made under a payment plan are not refundable.

2.0 Behaviour Policy

There are expectations for the behaviour of camp attendees. If these expectations are not met, there will be consequences, which could include being sent home. Please ensure that attending dependents read, understand and agree to comply with the following camp rules, are aware of banned substances and the consequences for not complying.

2.1 Camp Rules

  1. Attendees are to respect hosts and comply with all reasonable instructions
  2. No drugs or alcohol are to be brought to or used at camps
  3. No attendee should engage in bullying or discriminatory behaviour
  4. No girls in boys’ dorms and no boys in girls’ dorms
  5. No leaving your room after lights out without a valid reason.
  6. In the case of fire or emergency, and for the safety of camp goers, it is essential that camp hosts are aware of attendees whereabouts after lights out.
  7. Over 18s must notify the hosts if they intend to leave the premises for any reason.
  8. Under 18s are not permitted to leave the premises unless with express permission from their parent/guardian, and their parent/guardian notifies the hosts.
  9. For the safety of all camp attendees, no arrivals are permitted after lights out except in exceptional circumstances and with the prior approval of Hosts.

2.2 Banned Substances

The possession, supply and/or use of illicit substances is prohibited on camp premises for the duration of the camp. Tobacco products and vaping devices are similarly prohibited on camp premises and any attendees with concerns around this matter should discuss it with camp hosts. Alcohol is also prohibited on camp premises, excluding wine for use during the memorial meeting.

The possession, supply and/or use of any other illicit items, including weapons or fireworks, is prohibited on camp premises for the duration of the camp.

2.3 Consequences

Anyone found to possess banned substances will have them confiscated immediately, their parents will be notified, and they may be sent home.

3.0 Data Privacy

Personal and financial information along with any details about medical conditions, or special needs and treatments will be held in confidence by the SCYP.