Hope in a Suitcase Schedule

This is the schedule of the items to bring into the classes for Hope in a Suitcase. The first column is the class month the announcement will be or was made of what ecclesia’s are to bring what items. The second column is the month which the items are to be brought in for collection. There isn’t an April class as that is easter camp so that is why it isn’t on the list.

Feb classMarch classStory booksShaftesbury, Hurstville, West Ryde
Backpacks / small suitcaseMoorebank, Castle Hill, Sutherland
March classMay classHair brush & hair tiesShaftesbury, Hurstville, West Ryde
Toothbrush & toothpasteMoorebank, Castle Hill, Sutherland
May classJune classPJs sizes 6-8Shaftesbury, Hurstville, West Ryde
Cuddly teddyMoorebank, Castle Hill, Sutherland
June classJuly classGirls underwear & socksShaftesbury, Hurstville, West Ryde
Boys underwear & socksMoorebank, Castle Hill, Sutherland
July classAugust classBlankyShaftesbury, Hurstville, West Ryde
BathwashMoorebank, Castle Hill, Sutherland
August classSeptember classGirls clothingShaftesbury, Hurstville, West Ryde
Boys clothingMoorebank, Castle Hill, Sutherland
September classNovember ClassT-shirts (gender neutral)Shaftesbury, Hurstville, West Ryde
Colouring book + Pencil packMoorebank, Castle Hill, Sutherland
October classNovember classSmall blanketShaftesbury, Hurstville, West Ryde
Bubble BathMoorebank, Castle Hill, Sutherland