June SCYP is this Saturday!

This Saturday is June SCYP class. Sarah and Martin O’Toole will be talking on the topic of Radiant, 7:15pm at Shaftes.

We’re gonna have some discussion groups and some awesome supper after, so see you there!

SCYP Class is Tonight!

November’s SCYP Class on Praise is tonight!

What: Praise
When: Saturday 5th November at 7:30pm
Supper clean-up: Baringa and Mt Colah
Where: Shaftesbury Rd Hall

See you there!

The Big Conversation

Bringing Brothers and Sisters together to talk positively and constructively about the future of our community in NSW.

The Big Conversation is intended to be a positive, open minded discussion of possibilities for improved service, spiritual growth and dynamic witness in our community. The outcomes for participants include developing a greater understanding of the challenges facing our community with a definition of crucial issues, the collation of ideas around resolution, an encouragement to take personal ownership and to have “small conversations” at our home ecclesias.

Register at https://goo.gl/forms/qNJt5nUHe5QhzCAw2 and please ensure a registration form is completed for each individual attendee.

The format of each session will include: an introductory talk by the AACE secretary about facts and figures which may be useful in the group discussions which then follow on a wide range of current issues affecting our ecclesias.

Registrations are now open for the Big Conversation in NSW. Attendees can select either date and venue when they register:

  1. Saturday 22nd October, 1-6pm at Shaftesbury Rd
  2. Saturday 5th November, 1-6pm at Hurstville Hall

Look forward to seeing you there!